Dermalogica facial skin treatments

If your skin is suffering and you need help with oiliness, dryness, spots, breakouts, redness, razor burn and irritation from shaving then we can help you.

Your Dermalogica skin treatment will be unique to you. We will tailor your skin treatment to your specific needs and requirements every time you visit. We can also prescribe products to add to your existing skin and shave routine. Great shave. Healthy skin.

dermalogica 60 minute skin treatment                                                  £36.00

dermalogica 30 minute skin treatment                                                  £24.00

If you don't require a skin treatment then simply pop in to discuss your skin concerns, we can analyse your skin with Dermalogica's face mapping skin analysis and prescribe products for you to use at home, you can even try the products before you buy at the Skin Bar!

Face Mapping skin analysis                                                                           FREE

Skin Bar session                                                          FREE


Dermalogica body skin treatments

Purifying back treatment - take a load off with our super refreshing back treatment designed to rid your muscles of stress and your skin of impurities. A deep cleansing scrub is followed by extractions and then a muscle relaxing massage with thermal stamp and heat lamp designed to clear and revitalise that hard to reach skin and leave it smooth and clear.

Purifying back treatment                                                                            £22.00


Male manicure & male pedicure

Regular manicure/pedicure: including nail and cuticle tudy, skin exfoliation, hand and arm or foot and leg massage. Finishing with nail buffing and polish if required.                                                                                                                £22.00

Mini manicure/pedicure: including nail and cuticle tidy and nail polish if required.                                                                                                                £ 12.50


Male waxing

If you need to be discreet over the telephone and don't want to ask for the waxing item by name, please just state the number.

1 Back wax £22.00

2 Chest  £24.00

3 Full leg £28.00
4 1/2 Leg £18.00
5 Underarms £11.00
6 Forearms £11.00
7 Full arms (inc elbows and hands) £13.00
8 Hands only £6.00
9 Feet only £6.00
10 Ears £7.00
11 Neck £7.00
12 Shoulders £7.00
13 Eyebrows £7.50
14 Nostril wax (painless procedure) £7.00














Please note we do not do intimate waxing for men.


Hopi Ear-Candling

This is a great treatment for relieving pressure on the sinuses and soothing tension headaches.

Basic session                                                                                                      £20.00

This treatment can be incorporated into a Chinese head and facial massage by another of our therapists, Tricia. Take a look at our Complementary Therapies page for more information.